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Combining modern technology with traditional instrument construction, the streb electronic melodeon is the perfect instrument for the amateur and the professional player alike. The eMelodeon has the full range of common tunings, note layouts and a variety of real melodeon samples available in one box, making it ideal for session players wanting an alternative to carrying more than one instrument. It also provides a wide range of instruments sounds that would only otherwise be available on conventional synthesizers - suitable for melodeon players unfamiliar with a piano-type keyboard. Try practising on a conventional melodeon after the rest of the family have gone to bed and see what happens! Plug a pair of headphones into the eMelodeon and the problem is solved. Use the buttons on the left to find out more about the incredible versatility of the streb eMelodeon, listen to sound clips, see the eMelodeon onstage with such players as John Spiers, and read reviews. To request further details, please see the Contact page.
The eMelodeon concept started with two separate conversations held in my local pub in April 2002. Ray Waite (melodeon player for Highside Longsword) challenged me to make a melodeon that could sound like other instruments as well as be played through headphones. Chas Marshall (concertina for Ripon City Morris Dancers et al) was pondering the feasibility of a 'melodeon capo'; in other words, a retunable melodeon. These two ideas together suggested an electronic solution and so I got to work on a proof-of-concept design and working prototype. April 2004 saw delivery of my first production instrument the eMelodeon.2 (pictured left). Greatly improved from the prototype, it contained samples from actual melodeons resulting in a much more realistic sound. The latest version of the eMelodeon features custom-made bellows from Galassi along with a USB port for connection to a Windows PC allowing backup of the instrument’s patches, configuration of the button layouts and easy firmware updates. (An upgrade option will be available for current owners - please contact me for details.)