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Every streb eMelodeon feels and plays like a conventional melodeon, available with a combination of 2.5 or 3 treble rows and 8 or 12 bass buttons. The instrument comes as standard with low notes systems 1 to 8 (that includes the usual accidentals and extended octave) although you can specify your own note layouts if you order an instrument. The basses supplied are standard although again you can also specify up to eight bass layouts of your own. You can also reconfigure the note layouts yourself using a Windows PC application via the USB port. There are 8 user-definable voice patches, each allowing the configuration of: Treble and bass voices: these can be set independently from each other and can be chosen from over 100 instrument sounds, including a variety of sampled melodeons as well as most of the standard MIDI soundset. Treble and bass octaves: each voice may be shifted up to 2 octaves up or down from normal pitch. Instrument tuning: all 12 diatonic (English) tunings are available: F/Bb through to E/A. 4 chromatic (Irish) tunings are available: B/C, C/C#, C#/D, D/D#. Button note layout: up to 8 different user-defined layouts can be specified. Bellows pressure response: the voice level may be set as either variable volume dependent on bellows pressure or fixed volume. A selection of bellows response curves is available. Chorus and reverb effects level Patch programming is done via an easy to use menu system using the built-in 2 line LCD panel. All patches and tunings are easily selectable during performance using rocker switches on the front grille. The instrument can be fine-tuned allowing accurate tuning +/- one semitone around standard pitch. The streb eMelodeon can be played via the built-in stereo amplifier and loudspeakers. Alternatively, it can be played using stereo headphones for silent practice. The mono and stereo line-level output jacks enable easy connection to amplifiers, mixers and recording equipment. A MIDI Out port allows the eMelodeon to act as a MIDI controller. The new model includes a USB port allowing backup of the instrument’s patches, configuration of the button layouts and easy firmware updates via a Windows PC application. The instrument is battery operated (6 “C” cells) with a long battery life, rendering it completely self-contained. NiMH rechargeable batteries may also be used but the eMelodeon does not act as a charger. A 9V mains adaptor is also supplied. Including batteries, the eMelodeon weighs around 4kg.